Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jagat Bali Bumi Pertiwi

Today, 13th of October 2011 @SMPN 1 Denpasar and Bali shaken by earth quake...
It happens at about past 12 am. On the time my friends and me were sat together in front of our class (9B)
Suddenly, i felt like the bench where we sat were shaky and within short time i have been in the school yard.
I dont remember well the events that occurred, but thing i remember is when we running on the stairs there are some like-stone fall down.
Then, one of my friend attached by one of the like-stone and finally she was injured.
Her name is Adnya. Get Well Soon our MISS COPULATION! wish you all the best ({})
Because of this incident the school teacher decided to end today's lesson and we may go home.

And in the afternoon there was "aftershocks" - Gempa Susulan. On the time i watched the Abduction film. OMO!
Grateful the earthquake isn't to danger.
And we as Balinese or Indonesian should pray to the God.
Ask Him to protect us and give safety fot all of us. This all happens because of His will and remember this is His way to remind us about Karma and Dharma.

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