Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Day On My 8th Grade..

uh today is the time to share our raport card for this semester
i'm from class 8b SMPN 1 Denpasar
fell so sad uh, my ranking get down
from 9th be 11th
don't know why, 
maybe because I rarely studied and lazy to deposit duties, but now I have grade 9 and in 9th grade  will I will fight again
I am very sad because my parents have been disappointing
Ranking 11 on 11th of June 2011, SO SWEET!
"I'm not stupid, just those who are smarter than me"
And also congratulations to my bestiest Enny Pradnyaswari :* she got the second place in the class
Thanks a lot to pay off all my debts :$
I'm proud to have friend like you ({})<3

Don't forget also for my mate Putra Arcana ;)
You're amazing dude, for information he got the first place of overall champion
Haha =D you're so so so so so so DUEG de :D
And thank for the treats $.$

Also for Nancy Chintya for the second place of overall champion :)
Eh and congrats to my crazy pretty mate Trisna Wulandari a.k.a TUGEK
You can kan gek?!! Eh lu utang ya gek udah dapet juara umum III :P

Finally all of us will be the 9th grade generation *party*
No more Putu Ayu Widyastuti 8B 20
It will be Putu Ayu Widyastuti 9B 20

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